Saturday, 30 April 2011

AV event Bracknell

I decided not to cover the proceedings. This is because this event was attended by councillors and politicos and not by many undecided voters.

The event at times descended into an argument where each side of the debate were not going to waiver.

As Phillip Lee appears to of believed some of the lies told by the No campaign. This was a shame, although he is a good speaker and made a good case for no.

Fiona McTaggart, Labour MP for Slough did a good and fair job for Yes. She admitted that the system was not perfect and admitted that some of the Yes leaflets where not to her liking. I was impressed with her conviction as a independent minded politician.

But no one won the argument as the audience would attack the various lines of the MP's because they had already made up their minds (me included). You find yourself getting so angry with what you believe to not be the clear truth on an issue that you become yet another voice shouting in the dark.

Still saying that, it was worth while for myself and an enjoyable debate. But perhaps not so worth while for the undecided who attended in lesser numbers.


  1. I went to Bristol at the weekend where there are a number of Yes2AV posters up. Frankly, they are all embarrassingly awful. They are condescending, trite and pathetic. It is hardly surprising that the electorate are turned off.

    They were almost enough to put me off - and I'm a PR devotee. I do not know who is running this campaign, but after this referendum they need to go down the job centre and see if there is anything else that better matches their skill set. Clearly campaign publicity is not one of their strong points.

  2. Billo a find myself agreeing with you. I thought the Labour yes leaflet was the worst one. Although No is just as bad