Friday, 15 April 2011


In the last few weeks I have been blocked on Twitter by someone very much to the right of politics and someone very much to the left. Does this mean I'm to far in the centre?
Sometimes I get a bit fed up of politics. I know that people in all parties at the end of the day generally want to help others and believe that they know the best system. In most cases the best way to improving our lot could fall between the different views and involve good ideas from people in all parties.
But so often in politics the issue degrades into an argument where no one listens and no one compromises. Your accused of doing something for ideological reasons or your a 'bloody leftie'. Even though I have done it myself while defending us 'Yellow Tories' ,Condems, Libcons or whatever the current name calling tag is. I just get a bit fed up of it now and then. So I need a rest from politics in general.
Because it should be ok to have open disagreement in parties and within government, coalition or not. So I'm a bit fed up of the arguments and I have decided to give myself the weekend off to recover from all this political noise.
See you next week as I'm turning off until then (TV included)

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  1. So, you "paid" for an argument? "An argument is an intellectual process, while contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says."
    Or are you be arguing in your spare time?
    In any case, going away for the weekend is akin to violating the "Getting-Out-of-Sketches-Without-Using-a-Proper-Punch-Line Act".