Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Isn't listening better than a u-turn?

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced yesterday that he is to delay the Health and Social Care Bill. Because of the concerned over it expressed by GP's and by Lib Dems at the conference and others. Some believe this is a a u-turn.

However this is what coalition government is all about, compromise and being forced to listen. This government is not run by a few at the top because it has to compromise with the rest of the MP's in two coalition parties and indeed the voting membership of the Liberal Democrats.

Surely a listening exercise is a good thing and I welcome it. I agree with Rosie Cooper Labour MPwho said 'It was time for the government to take a deep breath and have a re-think over its plans".

There is nothing wrong with that, it will in the end produce better policy. So I'm pleased that Andrew Lansley and the coalition is being brave enough to listen to the concerns of the many.


  1. I notice the Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston (who is a doctor) was brave enough to voice her concerns about the NHS changes.

    I would have thought that very our own MP Dr. Philip Lee would have something to say on this matter... but all I hear is a deafening silence.

  2. Not so as dr Lee did tell me what he really thinks see http://bracknellblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/doctor-phillip-lee-mp-does-not-agree.html