Friday, 16 October 2009

Another win in the Tory Republic of Bracknell

Results of the Hanworth and Birch Hill Borough Councillor By-election are;

Mark Phillips of the Conservatives 640 42.41%

Janet Keene of the Labour Party 377 24.98%

Larraine de Laune of the Liberal Democrats 206 13.65%

Jeff Newbold of the of the UK Independence Party 139 9.21%

Steven Martin Gabb of the Green Party 77 5.10%

David Anthony Penson of the British National Party 70 4.64%

Total Votes 1509 which is a turn out of 23.4%

Results of the Town Councillor are;

Mark Phillips of the Conservatives 421 48.17%

Janet Keene of the Labour Party 259 29.63%

Larraine de Laune of the Liberal Democrats 131 14.99%

Brown Mark Daniel of the Green Party 63 7.21%

Firstly well done to Mark Phillips.

For comparison the May 2007 Hanworth Election result which did not have the Liberal Democrats, UKIP for the BNP standing was;

Chas Baily Conservative 1296 22.73% Elected

Alan Sydney Browne Conservative 1198 21.01% Elected

Gill Birch Conservative 1177 20.65% Elected

Marian Bayle Labour 616 10.81%

Alec Keene Labour 615 10.79%

Graham Edward Stuart Vertigen Labour 423 7.42%

David Henry Young Green 376 6.60%

5701 votes on a turn out of 33%

Which means the Conservative got 64% of the vote n 2007 and only 48% today. So some conservatives have voted for other parties. Also Labour had 29% of the vote in 2007 down to 25%. This Borough was last held by 3 Labour Councillors in 1997 with 51% of the vote, the Tories then had 42% of the vote and the Lib Dems only had 7%.

Now people of Bracknell I ask you this. If you have a party with a massive majority and you have a By-election and a new candidate with no track record in your borough, then why did you vote for another Tory? Here you have a chance for a fresh start, take it.

For the sake of democracy in the Tory Republic of Bracknell vote for someone else do you really want to live in a Bracknell one Party state. Don’t worry the Tories will still run the council, but please we must have some other parties on the council. Just like this tired government we need a change in Bracknell council or at least a decent opposition. Next time there’s a by-election please think on this and vote for the other side.

If you dont vote, why? the councillor spend your money. This person also represents you and you have a chance to vote for one. You say nothing will change, well it wont if you dont vote, All the candidates are different and so are the partys. VOTE!

One other point to note is that the Tories had the added bonus of an Open Primary with the candidates also being able to provide extra door knocking power, which is fair enough but just bad timing for the other parties.


  1. Wow my fellow Bracknell people are mad, why the hell did they not vote for Labout or the Libs or even UKIP, I mean they all got a fair number of votes. Perhaps you lot should club together and form the Lab Lib KIP Party to take them on in Bracknell.

  2. This happened in 2007 just lab v con with token green and rest still lost.

  3. Congratulations to Mark Phillips on both his victories. An individual by-election may not make much difference to the overall make-up of the larger body, which contributes to such a low turnout. However, when the winners only get a minority of the overall vote i.e. less people want any particular party than don't, surely the case is made for proportional representation (PR).

  4. It was fix.
    The council ran the voting. The council is Conservative. They only let another conservative in. We now that they are all on the fiddle.

  5. Overall the Tory vote was down - so the other parties were up! Go democracy.

  6. what a surprise that was! With 3 Labour and 39(?) Tory Councillors, how can we call this a democracy?

  7. Although you may complain yet another Tory being elected, as a former resident in both Dagenham and Newham, I have to say that Tory predominance seems preferable to Labour.

    It does seem strange that a New Town appears fixed in one political direction, but that may be due to it being in Berkshire.

    Basildon, another New Town, is a knife-edge marginal, whose MP and council seems to change hands in accordance with national political sentiment, thus it has a Tory council, but a Labour MP.

    So, is life better here than in Basildon, Dagenham or Newham?