Sunday, 25 October 2009

Calling All The Ladies

Where are all the women Directors?

Where are all the women MP's?

Where are all the Women Blogger’s?

Recently the conservative leader David Cameron has come out in favour of all women short lists following in Labours footsteps with the Blair Babes (a real shame this phase I think as it degrades the female Labour MP's). I’m not sure I totally agree with this myself. I find myself more agreeing with Iain Dale and Ann Widdecombe where Ann wants to be able to look the male MP's in the eye and say she got here the same means as they did.

But I’m not going down that road today. I’m promoting female blogger’s because perhaps if we correct this wrong we can correct all the above starting with blogger’s. Women will often bring something different to the conversion. Women may have a different prospective to a man and this should and must be considered and read.

Jennie Rigg AKA Miss SB Blog has two great articles, Her first blog on this issue asks ‘Where Are All the Female Bloggers: a Series of Questions that require answers’ and the questions ‘So why are most of the "top" bloggers men?’ and gives advice ‘So how do we change the way things are?’

Jennie has also complied a list of ‘Recommended Women Bloggers, In No Particular Order

Of course I have my favourites but along with Jennie Rigg I have to include Charlotte Gore who is already well popular check Charlotte out here.

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