Friday, 9 October 2009

Heatherwood Hospital Debt Moves into Survival Mode

This weeks Standard report on the move to shrink and consolidate the sites at both Heatherwood and Wrexham Park. This could result in loss of services. This also comes on the back of 157 staff jobs being put at risk as top level negotiations have begun between union representatives and managers.

The trust’s council of governors was informed of this move by chief executive Julie Burgess. The plan is to reduce the site to a smaller footprint which should save money.

While the layout of Heatherwood is properly not efficient the big concern is the removal of services from Heatherwood which could then lead to the sell off of the site to pay of the 10 million owed.

This is a very dangerous time for the hospital care in the Bracknell area as the whole Trust is in survival mode from government watchdog Monitor. Let hope Heatherwood will survive these testing times but I personally fear the worst.

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