Monday, 12 October 2009

Save Heatherwood Hospital In Ascot for Bracknell Area

Russ Bryant who runs the facebook campaign group to stop the closure of Heatherwood Hospital has setup a petition on the number 10 website.

Please do register your support at the link below,

The petition states (Taken from the number 10 petition site);

‘Heatherwood and Wexham Park NHS Trust are slowly closing Heatherwood Hospital by moving services to its Wexham Park Site the trust currently has large debts and It is the belief of many local people that the Trust intends to run down the Ascot site so that it can be sold off. Wexham isn't even in Berkshire how can it be a Local Hospital’

I would like to thank you for your support of the above Campaign if you decide to sign the above petition.

You can read the recent news on the debt crisis on this Blog here andhere.

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  1. I read in today's Villager that the trust is trying to remove the status of Heatherwood's land protected status (For Medical use only) so it can sell the land for development. Another problem is the land is green belt land, so our Council will have two reasons not to grant planning permission for some businessmen to profit from our hospital.
    Also, We all need to be writing to our MPs asking them what they are doing for us on this issue, and asking for guarantees that Heatherwood will not be closed. We should all make this a condition to voting in the next election.