Saturday, 17 April 2010

I agree with Nick T-Shirts

Just a bit of fun.

T-shirts to celebrate the poll rating of CON 33%(-4), LAB 28%(-3), LDEM 30%(+8) on the latest YouGovpoll.

The most used phase doing the 1st leaders debate was 'I agree with Nick' mainly by Gordon Brown and now you can get the T-shirt here


  1. Twitter hashtag #iagreewithnick tshirts being sold here:

  2. What with the UKIP candidate for Kensington and Chelsea being urged to don a wet T-Shirt and now the Dim Libs going T-Shirt crazy as well! It must be the sun getting to them all...oh yeah, so it is.
    It was last Thursday's Gleggy + 2 show wot did it (weather and high polls). And yes even the ROC Realaler thought the boy done good except for getting rid of trident just because its a nice packaged quantifiable saving to be wasted on something else like H&S and PC police.
    Best description of McClown the Ruinator on the telly - "a wax model of himself who got too close to the fire". Nice ties one and all(gay vote pitch?)
    Prepare for government Daz!!!

  3. Thanks Alvin, yes I saw that but loads of people blogged it so I didnt so it, funny though it is.

    Thanks Realaler cant see a win for us but its nice to get some more MP's or will be.

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