Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Interview with Mark Ashwell Independent candidate for Wokingham

I recently meet Mark Ashwell who is an Independent Candidate for Wokingham. He also applied to stand in the Conservative Bracknell open primary. I asked him some questions and here are his answers.

1. You applied to be the Bracknell PPC for the Conservative Party but was not selected for the Open Primary, Why do you think you was not selected?

I was not even offered the stage before - a self financed parliamentary assessment board. My very sound application did not get out of the intray and 5 months later(2 months after the Primary). I received a rejection letter.

2. Given that you applied to be a PPC in Bracknell, Why are you now standing in Wokingham?

After reacting to David Cameron's call to party political novices to join him and then being rejected without consideration I talked to a lot of Conservative Party members. I rapidly realised that a local community person in Bracknell or Wokingham has no chance of being considered as MP for the Conservative Party. I decided to challenge Party Politics in my home town Conservative stronghold Wokingham against an MP that's picking up his safeseat again after 23 years.

3. What would be your main 3 policies that you would like to see introduced into parliament?

As an Independent policy introduction is not realistic my three targets:

a. To set up effective two way dialogue with my constituents on local and national issues,

b. Connect with the young voter by inspiring them to contribute and take part in their futures,

c. Challenge the traditional party system to encourage positive change.

4. How can you make a difference in Parliament as an independent and a difference in Wokingham?

In parliament an Independent can ask the awkward questions the political parties want to avoid. In Wokingham an Independent can be a critical friend to our Conservative council I can bring business, government and community together to work as one.

5. Do you have a big idea?

To have an achieving Wokingham constituency forum of Business, Community and Government.

6.John Redwood has stated on his leaflets that you can't have a Conservative Government without a Conservative in Wokingham. Does this stop Conservative leaning voters from voting for you?

Conservative voters want to change their MP as much as other voters in Wokingham. If Wokingham seat makes the difference the nation will look to the independent thinking in Wokingham.

7.During your campaign so far have you had any interesting incidents or events?

One was John Redwood approaching me and my Adbike outside Tesco. He said the bike was illegal! Apparently the poster did not have the small print to say who it was printed by - this was from the arch anti regulations MP!! Great leveller General Elections.

8.How are you funding your campaign as a Independent?

I am - no donation excepted I am in this financially alone but with a great team of volunteers.

9.What is your strap line to persuade the people of Wokingham to vote for you?

YOUR VOTE will Make History Cheers Mark.

My Thanks to Mark Ashwell for being kind enough to answer my questions.

Todays link is to SNP Tactical Voting

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  1. Of course you cant be considered for the conservative party of you are a local person.
    You are lucky if you can get into their offices with Mary 'Iron Balls' Ballin guarding the fortress like it was the Holy Grail.

    Begone we want no more of you in Bracknell ask Mackay if he has a place for a few hangers on at his new place or maybe Julie can give you a bit of typing work at home.