Sunday, 25 April 2010

Is there not already an amnesty rule?

There has been many stories about the the Liberal Democrat Policy on Immigration which I blogged 'Immigration - What to say on the doorstep'. I Think I should point out the current so called 14 years residence rule.

As far as I can find out, no main party has a plan to remove this rule. This is why Nick Clegg has been saying that the other parties are not being honest with the public.

The current 14 years residence rule works like this.

If you have remained in the United Kingdom lawfully for 10 years, or have been here for 14 years unlawfully without a deportation order issued then during that time, you may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain or in other words periment residence.

The requirements are that evidence that you have lived in the UK for 10 or 14 years. If someone has lived in the UK lawfully for 10 years then you simply need to provide evidence that you have been granted permission to stay.

It someone has been in the UK for 14 years unlawfully then that person needs to provide evidence that they have lived here for the 14 years. You would need documents from some official sources such as your bank, school, doctor’s surgery, copy medical records etc.

Some things are taken into account these are; age, connections in the UK, personal history like character and employment record, domestic circumstances, criminal record, compassionate circumstances, and representations made on that persons behalf.

The application is normally made from within the United Kingdom. There is a fee for the application. The application is made on an application form and the person will need to prove that they have satisfied the above requirements through documentary evidence.

In some ways the Liberal Democrats plans are more strict for example you need to be able to use English which is not a current requirement.

I was going to link to the Home Office Website but the details appear to of just been removed.


  1. Looks to me that it's OK that they broke the law when they illegally immigrated but they will be pardoned after being here illegally for 10 years. What utter liberalist tosh.

  2. Nice Wysteria but noone is going to sent them all home because they are working in the Black hidden economy. they will still be here in 10 years not paying tax but using services. why not draw a line under it now, they have jobs get poeple to pay tax. Plus the Lib Dem laws are tougher than the current laws

  3. anybody can come in anyways, simply follow the following strategy

    1) setup an international company (you can buy one off the shelf for buttons)
    2) hire the folk you want to bring in at the home location
    3) bring them into the UK on intra company transfer visas
    4) get them extensions to the visa
    5) apply for indefinite leave to remain

    half of India is currently being moved into the UK using this method, outside the points system, its not very complicated

    so the talking tough from some politicians is nonsense

  4. Yes I have blogged on that subject as this is causing big problems for contractors see and

  5. Re "Yes I have blogged on that subject" any idea what the policies of the main parties or candidates are in this area?

  6. I dont know of anything concret however im working on a motion for the Lib Dem conference or for any other fot that matter. see did get much response on this subject from MP's