Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Institute for Fiscal Studies has condemned all 3 main parties‏

Institute for Fiscal Studies has condemned all 3 main parties for their failure to tell voters the truth about spending plans (details here). I think their right.

Problem for political parties is that if a party actually came out and did what the public want and told them that they are going to make massive cuts at some point and raise taxes then that party would loose the election hands down. Its one of those hard facts of politics that people really don't like this kind of negative news even thought they understand that this need to happen. What a shame we have to fight elections like this.

The IFS is independent of political influence and the mean headline of there report rated unspecified cuts in spending amount to £52.5bn for the Conservatives, £44.1bn for Labour and £34.4bn for the Liberal Democrats. Given the history of the Tory governments record on paying back deficits im surprised they came out the worst.

No party comes out well and it would be interesting to see how this question is answered in the final leaders debate.

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