Saturday, 10 April 2010

Local Blog: Question Time and Husting events Bracknell

More details are emerging about Question Time events in Bracknell.

On Monday 12th April from 9 to 10 am  Radio Berkshire show with Andrew Peach which can be listen to on 104.1FM, 104.4FM, 95.4FM, 94.6FM. DAB and on the radio see listen live and listen again links on the top right of this page here.

The 3 main parties will be represented at Easthampstead Baptist Church from 7.45pm on Tuesday 27th April. I am waiting for details on who can attend this event.

There are also possible Question Time events being organised for the Look In which would be during the day rather than the evening and The Kerith Centre which would be open too all members of the public and be an evening event. When I get the details and if they happen I will publish them on the blog.

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