Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sky Takeover

Digital spy article Neil: 'Cable made Sky takeover a done deal' warns of the power Murdoch will still be able to hold over Sky News in any handover of the station. This is because he will have a large shareholding and will be providing most of the cash.

I also wonder what's to stop News Corp from starting it's own news station in a few years time.

I guess the only hope from this media empire is the alliance of media groups which are considering legal options including a possible judicial review.

Sky's income is bigger than the BBC and Channel 4 together. It's dangerous to have to much power with one media organisation.

Next time Cable, please don't put your foot in it.


  1. This poisonous SKY expansion is the last thing we need. Unfortunately it is inevitable when you start off with huge out of control monolithic corporations like the BBC. In the past the BBC has ruthlessly destroyed small production companies when it wanted a piece of their business for themselves. It see a good idea and then steals it ( the latest of these is the theft of the concept behind Amazing Radio ). The only way to compete with that is with even bigger companies like SKY, who in turn behave exactly like the BBC. We are all the losers as diversified imaginative companies get swallowed up or go to the wall. We end up with monster monopolies like SKY and the BBC.

  2. What happened to the monopolies commission? Toothless under Lab and now under the coalition.

  3. I agree with both of you on this one