Monday, 21 March 2011

Where is the Lib Dem London Mayor Candidate?

London Liberal Democrats really need to pull their finger out on the selection of a new candidate for London Mayor.

Labour have already had their selection process done and dusted between Oona King and Ken Livingstone. Even though Boris delayed his decision we now know he is the Conservative candidate.

So what's taking so long? I read at Lib Dem Voice that this is because the party were focusing on the GLA list of candidates for the London Assembly. But I don't see why this should hold up the candidate selection for Mayor.

In order to have a cat in hells chance against the might of Ken and Boris we need someone out there now. Liberal Democrats do have a competing character in Lembit Opik and I expect Brian Paddick or Susan Kramer to run along with others.

It's a shame but the London Mayor race is as much about personality as it is about policy. It's not to late as personality can also win over an unpopular party but they really needed a head start. Next time we must do better.


  1. I think the person top of the list should be our candidate for London Mayor - they've got the profile to deliver extra votes for our list candidates which realistically is how we'll make a difference in politics at the London level.


  2. This is indeed the approach that the Greens followed last time but it will make us look like a minor party. There is no way that Labour or the Conservatives would do this.
    Ed Joyce

  3. But Labour and the Conservatives both have a realistic chance of winning the London mayoralty. We only have a chance of winning around 5 or so seats on the GLA. Our mayoral candidate must be there to deliver votes for our GLA candidates.

  4. Chris, I Think you just made Ed's point for him. Spoken like a true winner.

  5. Well, I'm supporting winning more GLA seats than we have at the moment.