Friday, 16 October 2009

Good Bye Andrew Mackay Web

This Saturday the Bracknell Conservative Association is holding an Open Primary. I think now is a good time to remind ourselves why.

It’s because our current MP, Andrew Mackay, claimed for a second home allowance for mortgage interest payments on a joint flat near Westminster. Meanwhile his wife, Julie Kirkbride, Tory MP for Bromsgrove, has used hers 2nd home allowance to pay off a similar amount on the loan for their family home in her constituency.

This meant that they were able to use public funds to pay for both homes as second homes for at least eight years, this was after the commons authorities agreed that Andrew Mackay could name the family home as his main residence and Julie Kirkbride could name the London flat as hers.

Im not questioning if Andrew Mackay was or wasn’t a good MP, I have seen plenty of people say he was a good MP and he was helping my brother out with an issue, which soon went quite after he decided to step down thereby triggering the Open Primary.

Anyway I would not be doing my job if I didn’t report on new websites effecting the Bracknell MP. So please do take a look at This site also includes a petition which ask him to resign so that he doesn’t get a golden hand shake if he stays in office until a general election is called.


  1. The only thing these people will understand is direct action.
    Put away your mamby pamby wet wooly Liberal petitions and take direct ACTION.
    Mob them in the streets.
    You can see how disgusting they all are by the size of the councillors. BIG FAT CATS. They have bled us dry with expenses and council tax.
    A big mob of people at the open primary school to chase off these blood suckers would REALLY sort things out.
    Its not a handshake that these people need, but a wee kiss. A Glasgow kiss.

  2. Volunteer your services, good sir, we have some direct action planned, if Mr Mackay insists on stonewalling us....

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  4. I have deleted the previous post by Mr Angry as it contained inappropriate comments.

    I appreciate the feeling about what some MPs including Mr MacKay have done is very strong but please try and keep your comments restrained.

  5. Mackays entourage have got to go too.
    Top of the heap Mary Ballin the so called MPs agent( according to her expenses ) much traveled councilor who believes she is lady bracknell

  6. I will meet Mary on Thursday. I will find out for myself I guess