Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hanworth and Birch Hill Borough Councillor By-election Reminder

The By-Election in Handworth is tomorrow. I have been doing a bit of door knocking myself this week in Hanworth and Birth Hill. I think its going to be a very interesting election result. There has been very varied opinion on the door step I can't list them here. I would like to thank the people of Hanworth and Birth Hill for their politeness and for listening.

I will report on the result tomorrow evening;

Details of the candidates are;

Mark Phillips of the Conservatives

Larraine de Laune of the Liberal Democrats

Janet Keene of the Labour Party

Steven Martin Gabb of the Green Party

Jeff Newbold of the of the UK Independence

David Anthony Penson of the British National Party

Please do express your democratic right and vote for your preferred candidate.


  1. Jeff Newbold UKIP candidate14 October 2009 at 20:33

    Daz - you have done a good job through your blog in raising interest in this by election. See you at the count. Jeff Newbold UKIP.

  2. Hey Jeff Newbold,

    Many thanks Jeff, I will be at the count late as im helping out at for this question time live chat as hes away. But that is really good of you.


  3. Jeff Newbold UKIP candidate16 October 2009 at 01:04

    FLASH - result-

    Cons 640 42.4%
    Lab 377 25.0%
    Lib Dem 206 13.7%
    UKIP 139 9.2%
    Green 77 5.1%
    BNP 70 4.6%

    Total 1509 100.0%
    Postals 568 37.6%
    Electorate 6446
    Turnout 23.40%

  4. Oh Jeff you beat me too it. On my own blog as well. boo

    Thanks though

  5. Just got back from the West Country - no signal on Vodaphone pay as you go broadband down there - good to meet you at the polling station and keep up the good work. Off now to catch up on what's been posted on the BB.