Thursday, 22 October 2009

Live chat on Question Time Join Me

Normally I don't promote Mark Reckons Question Time live chat apart from last week when I was guest hosting as Mark was away.

However this one is the big one, the hyped one and the one with the leader of the BNP Nick Griffin. This story has been all over the news the for a while now thanks to Peter Hain's claim that BBC could face legal action if it lets Nick Griffin appears on Question Time. For what its worth I think the leader of the BNP should be on Question Time as he is democratically elected.

I expect a lot of booing and hissing and will the BBC beable to keep out the Unite Against Fascism protestors. Its going to be interesting, so please do join me at Mark Reckons Live chat tonight from 10.30pm

BBC debate


  1. Thanks for the plug Daz! It could be a very interesting edition...

  2. We're just a small tea shop in Brighton but we had a very recent encounter with the BNP. Read about our experience of Nick Griffin and our take on the Question Time debate here:

  3. Mark, No worries

    Metrodeco - what indeed do you do when the BNP just walk into your shop?