Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My idea for POWER2010

Mark Reckons has tagged me in a meme after he in turn was tagged by Guy Aitchison from OpenDemocracy has tagged Mark in a meme asking for his big idea for POWER2010 (which Mark has blogged about).

As taken from the OpenDemocracy blog I think explains the purpose of this post best

Power2010's call for the public's idea for how we change politics has generated a fantastic response. In truth, when we started I expected around 500 ideas - 1000 at best. But just over a month in and we've already received over 2000, ranging from more traditional reformers' demands like fixed term parliaments and votes at 16, to the more unexpected and imaginative like a House of Lords made up of charitable representatives.

A key part of this of course is having an open and intelligent debate on the kind of democracy we want - the very thing the political class is so keen to deny us. You can check out some of the different ideas on the Power2010 blog where a lively discussion is taking place. The deadline for submitting ideas is November 30th and before then I'm keen to sound out some fellow bloggers to hear their ideas and see if we can't provoke some good online debate and deliberation.’

My Submitted idea's are;

1. Electronic portable devices with remote log-ins. Would it not be more efficient if MP’s can vote away from the main chamber and also attend some debates remotely. As it is, the chamber is not big enough to hold all the MP’s, therefore being able to attend remotely if only to hear the debate would be a great help for both MP’s time and use of chamber space. This device would still record the voting details for the record and this would be loaded to say the public whip website instantly to the MP’s record on votes. Plenty of devises can do this like Palms or Blackberries.

2. MP’s should have a pre-appointed office staff and therefore don’t need to claim expenses for an office. Also they should be allowed to employ their partners as we want to keep families to stay together and being an MP does require that your away from the family home more than most jobs.

3. I would be happy for the number of MP’s to be reduced if a fairer system of voting was introduced. I would opt for Single Transferable Vote but this should be debated and reviewed.

4. Reduce the power of the Whips. I believe major reform is required in this area. MP’s need a degree of independence. For example the accommodation whip is just not right, taking revenge or rewarding people by deciding on what room a MP can use just seems to hold them back from an MP’s important business. A reform here will allow meaningful debate in parliament without fear of the chief Whips.

There are many wholesale changes needed but the idea is to just give a few of my ideas.

I now tag the following 5 bloggers to put forward and submit their ideas:

Alvin Finch Bracknell Councillor and blogger

Oranjepan of Readings list and not yet out of the woods

Adrian Windisch of Green Reading

Constantly Furious

And Jennie Rigg aka SB who is a proud Lib Dem Blogger.


  1. Accomodation whip!? I've never heard of that; is it a real thing?

  2. It is Mark see this for example

  3. Will do this when I've finished my beer festival leaflet.

  4. Quite a few people have suggested the idea of electronic voting. I support it in principle but I'd be worried that it would encourage MPs to spend even less time in the chamber than they do already. What we really need is some way of getting them to attend and participate in more debates - watch BBC Parliament and it's a joke how few people there are sometimes (even when you include the sleeping ones).

    Do we know anything about how electronic voting works in other countries that have it?

  5. Guy Aitchison

    I cannot find a parliment that uses a full e voting system other than voting from a console infront of your seat.

    But there is alot of information here

    about evoting