Thursday, 28 January 2010

Civil Servants say The Way Britain is Governed Needs Reform‏

This story on the BBC headline 'Ministers passing too many 'bad' laws, say ex mandarins'. Former civil servants ask for the way Britain is governed to be reformed simply reinstates a believe that I think many people have on the workings of our current Labour government.

This is why we need a change of government;

1. Too much unnecessary legislation

2. Badly thought out and prepared legislation

3. Media driven policy, making for bad un-thought out rushed through policy.

4. Lack of training

5. Incomplete, poorly explained bills

6. Tick-box culture leading to a loss of initiative and this replaces responsible judgment and individual discretion

I could not agree more with the detail in the civil servants report. .

The full report can be read here on the Better Government Initiative website.


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  3. There is a similar example of that HERE

    The Institute for Government is publishing a report, "Shaping Up: A Whitehall for the Future". This report is based on the evidence of 60 senior civil servants. Its conclusions are all the more devastating for being carefully worded in the Civil Service tradition.

    The central criticism of the present structure of administration in Britain is that there is a "conspicuous lack of a single coherent strategy for government". The administration is described as "weak", "dysfunctional", and as having "a strategic gap at its heart".

    "The Treasury has given up on its duty to control public spending because it has been 'hi-jacked and turned in to a social policy department, a welfare department, a reducing international debt department and everything under the sun'."

    ". . . you just get orders from Downing Street, not consultation and that is continuing today."

    The advantage of the timing (of the report) is that it comes when the Conservative Party look like winning the election; the report will provide a Conservative government with a blue print for better administration. It will give the next government a couple of months to consider what are serious, experience-based, proposals.

  4. Alvin I thought I had 3 comments there.

    It will be a very good thing if the conservatives take these reports on board (as Im sure they will) we need a change and I know you agree with me on that.