Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More Lib Dem Love Bombing

First it was Cameron love bombing LibDem voters. Now Gordon Brown has made overtures on the Andrew Marr show.

This suggests that both are aware that LibDems are a real force on the political scene. They certainly are at local government level where they have shown so often how much better things can be managed than by the blue or red brigades. LibDems now run more cities than either of the other two parties. In addition they are the opposition party in huge swathes of the country. Main opposition to Tories in the South and to Labour in the North.

Both Westminster leaders obviously frightened that LibDems are the real threat to their ability to get a majority. We’ve got Gordon Brown clinging on to power and David Cameron promising phony change. If we want something really different then we’ve got to vote for something really different and the Liberal Democrats are the different party of British politics.

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