Monday, 11 January 2010

Lib Dems Become More Realistic

Nick Clegg today outlined the Liberal Democrat four priorities called 'Four steps to a Fairer Britain' which are ;

1.Fair taxes.

2. A new, fair start for all children at school.

3. A rebalanced, green economy.

4. And clean, open politics.

Nick Cleggs speech can be read here

My blog is not about this speech however its about the fact that he has delayed some of the key policies as they are too expensive and that no party is telly the truth when it comes to the required spending cuts to reduce the countries deficit.

The policies being removed from the manifesto are; extending free childcare, free personal care for the elderly, "citizen's pension" and delaying introducing free tuition fees too six years (It will now be rolled out over these 6 years - starting with final year students).

I actually agree with this as the Lib Dems do need to be more realistic on how much we can afford to spend. I also think that the Lib Dem activists should be more realistic about what is possible and therefore I agree with Nick Clegg and not with the probable back lash from Lib Dems. After all these policies have not been forgotten and will be added later when they can be afforded. But for the moment are removed so as not to cause any of the usual confusion.

I also think that the whole tax credit systems costs way too much in administration for both the government and the people requesting tax credits. Having a higher tax starting rate of £10,000 (as the Lib Dems propose) would be more simple and would infact cut administration costs.

I would also point out that no party, (Even the Conservatives) are being realistic on what we need to do to pay back Britains debt, which is why I was pleased to see that the Lib Dems are now moving in this direction.

Labour and the Tories have been going at great guns at each other recently over each partys funding gap in their policies. The holes the media and the parties have found in each others policies is all the proof you need that both parties plans do not go far enough. The parites are making promises they can't keep. This is why I'm please too see the Lib Dems getting real on their policies. Now all Parties and us (the public) need to get realistic on spending cuts.

Whats scary about this is, one of these parites will be in power this year and their plans don't appear to be ready to handle this counties money problems.

Of course we are not the only country which a deficit problem see Bracknell Blog World Debt Crisis.

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  1. All the political parties are currently reacting to the debt crisis a little like rabbits caught in the head-lights of an oncoming truck. It looks like there is an awful lot of pain to come that nobody is fessing up to yet. At least this is a start. I particulary like the 10K threshold. It makes sense.

  2. Good I agree. But it is a start but I think your very right with your rabbits and headlights. may be each is waiting for the other to make your moves in a negative direction

  3. BrackersneedsaUKIPMP14 January 2010 at 20:42

    Re the initial post - 1. I am not a child, 2. I am not a pensioner, 3. I am not a student and 4. I don't agree with AGW and the related distortions to the economy proposed to address it.
    So what do the LibDems offer a hard working hetro-married 53 year old with 5 grown-up children who in their turn are neither of the above? I know - more legislation, a bigger state and more taxes.
    The DimLibs and the other Blu/Red/RWB/Green socialists don't offer fair policies as far as I am concerned; so that's why my vote is going to UKIP at the next general election.

  4. UKIPMP (great name bTW lol) smaller government, lower taxes 10k allowance same policy as UKIP you know.

    At the end of the day im a single 35 year old what does anyone offer me (not much) but Im interested in a better society which will improve my life and yours too

  5. Bracknell deserves better that the expenses fraud Andrew Mackay but as it is a Tory stronghold one musy assume that in general people dont mind being ripped off by their representative who amazingly in still in office.

  6. BrackersneedsaUKIPMP22 January 2010 at 18:30

    xxx to U 2 Daz.