Sunday, 24 January 2010

Mark Thomas Reading Show Review

On Friday 22nd January I watched the Mark Thomas Manifesto (Remember the Mark Thomas Product on Channel 4) at 21 South Street Arts Centre in Reading after reading about it on the Green Reading Blog (Mark Thomas endorses the Green Party).

The Manifesto show is about asking the audience what they would want in a People’s Manifesto. A number of ideas are offered on the night and these are voted on. For the life of me I cannot remember which policy won the Reading show, total fail. Once 50 policies are chosen (tour has now finished) then these will be published in a book and Mark Thomas will campaign on these policies.

Some of the ideas in the show included;

1. Giving Sweeney Todd’s pie shop in Reading a Michelin star.

2. Starting again with law and replacing them with out of order and Bang out of order.

3. Publishing MP’s expenses every two weeks in the local press and asking the public to sign them off.

4. Asking every one to sign if they agree with hanging and then if they do commit a crime they are then in turn hanged as they agree to it.

5. All fatty foods to only be place in very slim aisles in shops making them hard to get.

6. Allowing public access to MP’s homes as we pay for them.

7. Not allowing anyone to own a second home until everyone has a first home.

One highlight was when a cheque was handed in by the Goodbye Andrew Mackay campaign asking Andrew Mackay to pay back £170,000 for his second home claim. The point was made that Andrew Mackay MP and his wife Julie Kirkbride MP have still not paid any funds back to the tax payer for this.

Green Peace was also there asking people to sign a petition to stop the building of the Project Pegasus, which is an enriched uranium facility that will be used to manufacture uranium components for nuclear weapons.

It was a very enjoyable night and worth seeing him on his next tour, I leave you with a video clip of his show below.

Mark Thomas will have a 2nd Manifesto radio 4 show later in the year see here

And his book the Peoples Manifesto is out from 28th January.

UPDATE: I have remembered the winning policy it was Nationalizing the rail ways. Boring but practical.

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