Monday, 25 January 2010

Lord Huttons Hiding Dr Kelly's Secrets?

As reported here in the Guardian the medical records including the post-mortem relating to the 'suicide' of Dr David Kelly (MOD expert in biological warfare who was asked to proof read the WMD dossier) will be a secret for 70 years as ruled by Lord Hutton.

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker made a Freedom of Information request to examine if there was any finger prints on the knife allegedly used to slit Dr Kelly's wrist. This request revealed that there were no fingerprints and Dr Kelly was not wearing gloves. Lord Hutton also admits that he didn't look very deeply into Dr Kelly's death. These are surely key issues for any inquiry into a death?

This story has hardly been reported on the TV news and yet it could have some big implications for the current Sir John Chilcot Iraq inquiry. I hope that Nick Clegg will question the Prime Minstier on this secret during PMQ's this Wednesday. As he has already had a result in getting Brown to the Iraq inquiry on during PMQ on 13th January when he asked the PM "What have you got to hide?”, perhaps he could have another result.

Revealing the details of the medical records surely only needs to be kept a secret if there is something else to hide?

The Iraq inquiry official web site can be found here.

The Hutton Inquiry Offical web site can be found here.

Norman Baker MP's Article for the Mail on sunday can be found on Lib Dem Voice here.

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  1. How do they get away with it! This is awful, what about justice!

  2. How indeed, its one of many things, look at Iraq inquiry at the moment