Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Local Blog: A Walk in The Snow

I had a nice quite walk in the snow this morning to clear my car in preparation of the frost to come. Everyone is very chatty, there are kids playing and very very little in the way of traffic. I only saw a milk float of all things and two snow ploughs and very very few cars.

Like I imagine most people in Bracknell, I'm working at home today. The snow we have in Berkshire is so thick I never thought I would see anything like it again.

Well I know we the Great British public will all ask, Why can't we cope with the snow. Before you do remember in many other countries at the moment, they aren't coping. Just have a look at these headlines here and here. I have a friend who is trapped in Brussel airport which is currently closed. The fact is that there is just too much snow at the moment for the councils to cope with. Unlike the pervious time (see here) when the council was caught out (detailed explanation defending the council is given by Alvin Finch in the Comments).

This time the roads have clearly been gritted before it snowed and the snow ploughs are out. Even when the road has been ploughed however there is still snow left on the road because the plough can damage the road. This operation is going to cost however especially when all those pot holes caused by the frost will need to be filed in. But I am grateful for all those council workers who are doing a great job and who managed to get to work today.

Anyway looking at the forecast to come see below, it looks like we are in for quite a long spell of bad weather. There's not a lot we can do about it so I'm going to enjoy it. If you do go out please be very careful on those slippery paths.


  1. I agree, it was absolutely beautiful out there yesterday & I too enjoyed an early morning stroll...albeit to a bus that didn't arrive but like yourself, I was greeted by smiling strangers saying good morning in the street. It was such a peaceful and pretty morning, I found it impossible to be irritated by the weather conditions!

  2. Its nice to not be moaning for a change. The Snow is very beautiful. although it does have alot of downsides im personally enjoying it