Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Local Blog: Political Letters in the Press‏

A lot of Bracknell politics is conducted through the local press. In particular the letters column of the free paper the Bracknell Standard.

This mostly evolves the PPC's from the opposition parties (in Bracknell) to the Tories trying to get one up on each other on the letter pages of the Bracknell Standard. Personally I find this interesting as im interested in politics, but I do wonder what the people of Bracknell think about this. I think this is playing into the hands of the local Conservative party after all its they who how have most of the seats on the council and the current large majority in the constituency.

So should the opposition not be questioning the current Tory council and MP's. Phillip Lee has not evolved himself in these discussions, Perhaps his silence should be questions by the other parties before attacking one another? For example he has not needed to reply to any letters in the local press and has not updated his blog since he won the Conservative primary see here.

I do understand the need to defend yourself from attacks from other parties but there's an election coming up, and in Bracknell I would like to see it ran closer than ever before. Of course I would also like the Lib Dems increase there vote share so that they can provide the opposition. I guess we will wait and see.

To highlight this I have sent in the letter below to the Bracknell Standard.

Dear PPC's of all parties,

Please do bear in mind who the opposition in Bracknell are. I often see letters where the Greens,UKIP, Lib Dems and Labour are all questioning each other on their national policies. However please do bear in mind that here in Bracknell the party in power is the Conservative party. For the good of democracy in Bracknell we need more councillors from parties other than the Conservative party. We need effective opposition to the Conservative party to reduce the safe seat status. After all there will be an election soon.

I'm not sure Phillip Lee (who does not live within the Bracknell Standard delivery area) ever reads these letters unless he gets press cuttings. One way to find out would be to ask him why he has not updated his website since he won the Open Primary. How about asking why Andrew Mackay has still not made any payments for his wrongful second home claim?


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  1. I also enjoy the political letters, although if I may say so Mr E's letters do go on a bit.
    A little bird tells me that the Tories are scared of their vote going to UKIP; Mr Murray Barter is the UKIP PPC and will be the only real conservative in the general election in Bracknell.
    I think that votes will drain away from the Tories because of the Mackay scandal and the way the Tory council do not stand up to Labour dictates on over development and housing immigrants ahead of local people.
    So it’s going to be a Tory MP again on perhaps less than 20%, with LD and UKIP close on their heels and the rest losing their deposits.

  2. Are these letters available from the online copy of the newspaper? (I couldn't see any via the Web.)

    Also, are there going to be any pre-election public debates that feature more than one of the PPCs?

  3. 要持續更新下去喲!!祝你心情愉快........................................

  4. Mr Murray Barter UKIP PPC sounds interesting, I would use that slogon if I was them, the real Tory.

  5. They dont put the letters online, Sorry

  6. There has been, and will be a lot more to come from Phillip Lee. He has already been on many "walkabouts" in the constituency despite the weather.
    Workers have been out delivering old fashioned leaflets through the doors. The literature has been somewhat slow going out due to the weather situation.
    You can read the thing (in PDF format) at

    The Conservative party has a Facebook page for local Conservatives which is at and
    Phillip has a page at

    If you are really passionate about a better future for tomorrow, why not join the campaign, donate,
    or just get involved at

    See also

    How much of your (council tax payers) money would you like to see us spending on resisting over development?
    Recently in the press the cost of defending applications and of public enquires have been highlighted - Much better just to throw out this rotten Government, and start afresh with a (Conservative) party that will listen AND react to the needs of local people.

    There IS Democracy. All of the councillors at Bracknell Forest were democratically elected, and work tirelessly for the people in the wards that they represent.

  7. The BFC candidates who said they are Tory at their elections were elected under their false pretences. They knew they would be expected to implement the Labour socialist policies when elected, but didn’t tell the voters so - and indeed they have done so with vigour to the detriment of Bracknell and its people.
    Murray Barter, the UKIP PPC will be the recipient of the true conservative vote in Bracknell at the General Election.

  8. Murray Barter, UK Independence Party PPC22 January 2010 at 20:23


    I have read with interest your comments above with regards to Democracy in action, a worthy cause indeed and one particularly close to my heart.

    Tell me, whilst on the subject, please can you inform me as to whether you (or, in fact, anyone) voted for John Major to be PM, or Gordon Brown the same, or Lord Myners, Baroness Scotland, or Lord Mandleson to be ministers (with several others), or Herman van Rompuy or Lady Ashton into their posts, in fact any of the EU Commission at all?

    I trust that you will join our campain for REAL democracy - let's start with a few referenda to let the people decide on all crucial issues that do and will face our country
    1) Should we, or not, remain as part of the EU, which costs the UK taxpayer £40 million per day to be a part of
    2) Should we reinstate capital or corporal punishment
    3) should we have control of our own borders
    4) should we elect our own police chiefs, rather than politically-appointed ones? This way, people can vote for zero tolerance or a customer service assistant, at their behest
    5) how long should an individual be incarcerated before being charged
    6) given anyone born overseas commit a very serious crime in our country, should we deport them regardless of the country to which they were originally from

    Should you be an authentic tory, this being for lower taxation, for rewarding hard work, for a strong law, I trust that you will consider where your true values lie, and vote for and join the party that actually DOES represent your true feelings and beliefs, not one that's trying a makeover and willing to say and compromise anything for the sole intention to be elected.

    I trust that you will follow your beliefs and values, and come and join us at the UK Independence Party.

    Murray Barter

  9. Alvin, thats good news, I Think Phillip is a good candidate, im just unhappy with there being so many councillors from the same party in Bracknell and such a massaive majority. its like the primary was our election for the new Bracknell MP.

    Hey Murray Barter UKIP PPC - nice to see you have a go at the Tories. although I dont agree with your points (esp point 3). Good luck anyway

  10. The Tories have got egg all over their faces with Andrew Mackay.
    There are far too many Tory councillors time for a change.

  11. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Murray Barter

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