Friday, 23 April 2010

Cancelled my Sky Subscription‏

I have just cancelled my Sky subscription after watching the debate on Sky News. This is because I was horrified to see Adam Boulton point out the Telesgraphs Nick Clegg donation story during the debate. This is surely in breach of the rules of the debate as Adam Bolton should be impartial and its for the party leaders to bring this subject up during the debate. I also complain to ofcom about this which can be done here.

These attempts at smears on the Liberal Democrats or indeed smears on any political party are totally discussing. How is that type of reporting (if I can call it that) of incorrect infomation or half truths good for democracy. There are now a number of stories showing the growing right-wing press campaign in a bad light. Nick Robinson has details of Tory-backing papers being called in one by one to discuss how Team Cameron would deal with "Cleggmania".

A story in the Independent on 'The Sun' censoring a poll that showed support for Lib Dems' plus details of the truth and lies told in the recent articles.

I believe, unlike others, that this will lose the Liberal Democrats some points in the polls. There might be a backlash but this is smaller than the paper reports themselves and these stories stick in the mind. The papers are losing their power and influence but they do still have influence

Of course its not just the right-wing press. Perhaps one of the craziest stories other than the Daily Mails Nazi slur is this TV presenter Louis Theroux claimed he was the Lib Dem leader's "fag" at boarding school. What a load of rubbish.

Needless to say I won't be giving Rupert Murdoch any more of my money.

Todays link is to the Daily Mail-o-matic where you can get 'A new Daily Mail headline every time you click the button. For a limited time only, every headline is about Nick Clegg'. Enjoy.


  1. Try Virgin for your TV, they're not biased or corrupt like Murdoch vision, just incompetent!

  2. I could never get Sky because that would be giving money to Murdoch! Glad you've come to the same conclusion! :)

  3. Good for you!

  4. The main-stream-media is now populated by kids who have done a 'mejia studies' degree at some modern college or other but have no life experience or ever taken their own responsibility for anything more pressing than buying the next round. Their moral standards are now low because 13 years of socialism/liberalism and of its associated moral relativism have made them like that. They don't know what is right or wrong anymore. When they get some power in the media they become the equivalent of the yellow-jacketed council jobworths who boss ordinary citizens about.
    That said I know many many young people who are a credit to this country and they give me the hope that the rot will be stopped and order re-established.

  5. The MSM is being pumped full of yuoff what done mejia studies at a Blairite 'colidge'. It’s not their fault, but they have no moral standards after 13 years of liberal socialism. The socialists have brain-washed the young to think that moral relativism is OK. However I have met many many young people of whom we should be proud. Our hope is that they are the type that will take our country forward rather than backwards.

  6. check out the lyrics to

    "Dear Mr. Murdoch" by Roger Taylor

    Roger is also the guy who funded the campaign against Murdoch buying Manchester U football club :)

    But to be honest all of the journalists have been crap this campaign, Paxman was out of order some of the stuff he asked Cameron too, and the Labour party have been allowed to spout continual lies allover the place

    The "no unskilled workers from outside the EU" from Brown is the biggest lot of bollocks, since countless Indian nationals with a crap degree from a crap college come in as pretty much raw graduates for the Indian outsourcers. All the bollocks about the "points based system" has me screaming at the TV as hundreds of thousands of Indian nationals come in on intra company transfer visas (which are outside the points system) for the outsourcers and then are subcontracted into our leading companies for less than a Brit can afford to work for. Many have been here so long they have indefinite leave to remain or citizenship, and many currently here on intra company transfer visas are being allowed "to continue on the journey to settlement".

    So the immigration debate has been bollocks from Labour and no real challenge from the opposition or journalists.

    And so much more

  7. Take you all for your agreement. I feel better about cancelling my Sky Sub every day.