Sunday, 11 April 2010

Don't be told how to vote

Ever since I became involved in politics I have always been surprised at the number of people that say "I'm voting for so and so because my partner told me thats who we are voting for".

Someone I know was marched down to the polling station by their mum telling them to vote Labour. The first time they didn't was during the London Mayor elections. Recently her mum said to her are "you voting Labour". "No" was the reply "there are two other parties and many other smaller parties too, I'm not voting Labour ever again!". Her mum replied "but you have to vote Labour we always do" (good reason). This discussion was ended with the comment "Mum, do you know why you vote Labour?'"to which her mum could not answer.

Same thing happened the other day when a lady who is voting for the first time asked me what all the parties stand for. Which I explain the history of the parties, their principals and I also explained Socialism and small government etc. She said her parents vote Labour so she was going to but she decided to find out about the other parties. Good for her, she is going to check out the web sites and read the leaflets. I said to her that its best to ignore the attacks by the parties on each other and read about what they are going to do.

So please people don't just vote the same way because you always have done. Read the leaflets, watch some news, see one of the TV debates and examine the websites when the manifestos are out (From Monday). You may find that you like or agree with one of the other parties or worse strongly disagree with the party you was going to vote for.

Todays link is to the Independant article which examines
Young voters: What do Britain's 18 year-olds really think of our politicians?

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  1. To vote conservative in Bracknell is to condone the actions of the party and their representative Andrew Mackay who has held the seat for 27 years and hasn't in that time bothered to hold surgeries for his constituents.

    Lets not have another 27 years of their arrogance and barely concealed disdain for Bracknell that isn't good enough for them to live in it appears ( but fine for rip off purposes)