Tuesday, 6 April 2010

General election Bracknell‏

At last a general election has been called for the 6th May.

I will cover events of the election here in Bracknell as well as national issues. I believe Bracknell's battle to come second is much more interesting than the expected Conservative win as 2nd place has been getting closer every year. The Conservatives have a massive majority of 12,000 votes.

I will bring you a number of Q A with local Independent candidates as the main parties will receive plenty of exposure and I feel I need to offer my local blog readers an extra service by providing some details on local independents.

Personally as many of my readers know I will be doing my best to help out the hard working local Liberal Democrats who are standing in local elections as I feel I can make a difference there as well as helping out my local party.

I however will cover the election fairly with of course my own personal comments and feelings on the matters and will always blog my thoughts no matter what any party line is.

So what better way to kick this election off then with a song from Wokingham Independent Mark Ashwell...Enjoy
And a video from the Labservatives (and there ends any form of campaigning on this blog site).

Todays Link is Michael Heaver who is a UKIP blogger only 20 years old and was School's Question Time Student panellist in 2008. He is currently studying European Politics.


  1. Thank you Oranjepan, now corrected. LOL 12,000 seats thats a really big majority

  2. Sadly most Bracknell people are so disgusted by the antics of rip of artist Andrew Mackay they may not even vote at all leaving the smug conservatives to take their usual easy victory.

    However after watching the antics on you tube of the conservative party offices whose staff Head honcho Ms Mary Ballin appear to think is her own private fiefdom I believe that those who do vote will not be happy to see this entrenched Tory Mafia get in again.

  3. UKIP Bracknell9 April 2010 at 21:06

    Thanks posting a link to Michael Heaver's Blog. Respect.

  4. Respect back UKIP, good luck