Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Manifestos out but do the puplic know the parties policies

So all the Manifestos have now been released. Manifestos are naturally used as a PR stunt. but of course the pledges are important.

I found the Labour manifesto and Conservative manifesto a bit to wordy with large layout. The Lib Dem manifesto I thought was laid out better using short boxes for each point.

As far as the launches went I though David Cameron speech was perhaps the best one. As his big society (big idea) is in principal something I think many people would agree with. I don't agree with some of the methods in getting there however. For example im concerned that pushy parents may setup schools which could undermine the professional judgement of teachers with there demands. Im also unsure about the amount of power being taken away from local council over the referendum idea. I think councils need more power and more of their money back as proposed by the Liberal Democrats. Councils have already lost too much power under the current centralising government. Also why do LAbour and the Tories not put more figures into there manifesto.

I thought the Labour conference launch was the least interesting of the 3 main parties, there clearly running out of ideas, they had some but not as many as the other two main parties. I also thought Nick Clegg did well during his speech during the Liberal Democrat manifesto launch. I think he is improving quickly and growing in confidence after his bad performance on the Politics Show. All these interviews I think has improved Nick Cleggs answers.

The worrying thing is that despite the constant news coverage of the party policies alot of people still don't know what the policies of the parties are. Today John Pienaar asked some members of the public which policy was related to which party.

John Pienaar asked who was proposing to not increase NI, Most people said it was Labour and one said it was the Lib Dems when it is infact the Tories. The question was asked which party is raising the income tax allowance to £10k, most thought this was Labour only one thought it was the Lib Dems and he heard that today. When asked which party is going to make English requirement a higher standard for immigrants most thought this was a Conservative policy, It is a Labour policy. So still many members of the public do not know which party is proposing what. This perhaps is the biggest problem for all the parties and indeed the public if they vote for parties for the wrong reasons.

My Manifesto award however has to go to UKIP for their T shirts given away free stating 'Withdraw now before its too late' and for the manifesto being titled 'Sod the lot'.

Anyway If you are fed up of all this manifesto business then perhaps you can get some light relief at where you can vote with the back of your hand.


  1. Thank you for your giving the best T-Shirt prize to UKIP. May I contribute some points about the UKIP launch?
    UKIP HQ failed to schedule their manifesto launch on a different day to the Tories so the MSM reporting was diluted. I also read that it took place in a ‘sweaty cupboard’, and Farage the past Leader had to bail out Lord Pearson of Rannoch the current UKIP Leader.
    Not sure about the ‘Sod the lot’ poster (better to say ‘Move over’ or ‘Get 'em out’?), nor about the support for raving socialists or old school Tories that don’t like the EU but who are presumably still loyal party candidates on other issues, such as mass immigration is good for us.
    However on the bright side we got to see another politician’s wife in Lady Rannoch who is the PC for Kensington and Chelsea – nice posh totty. Wet UKIP T-Shirts anyone (!)
    For those that are considering the still very valid voting option of UKIP rather than the Lib/Lab/Con(sensus) – UKIP’s straight talking and relatively concise full and mini manifests are available from

  2. Realaler - your clearly much fairer than some in UKIP. I Think UKIP should of stood against these candidates but I guess this means there resourses wont be spread quite as far and this could help you win a few seats.

  3. immigration is the 2nd biggest issue on the doorstep and all of the main parties are avoiding any detail on how they would approach it, labour are talking tough but substance has not changed and will continue to be open doors

    really the public deserve better