Saturday, 16 May 2009

Andrew MacKay MP has Constituency Backing?

Andrew Mackay MP has been interview on Get Bracknell here. He stated that he has had 1 in 10 support from his Constituents via Email. He also states that he will individually phone those constituents that do not support him.

Get Bracknell website for the Bracknell Standard also has the following survey (16th May 09).
Should Andrew MacKay step down as Bracknell MP after he claimed unacceptable expenses?
Yes, he has lost the trust of his constituents 79%

No, he has done well for Bracknell over the past 25 years 13%

An investigation is needed before a decision can be made 8%

You can mail Andrew Mackay at to let him know your views.


  1. If he is still a Privy Councilor why ?

    If he is not fit to be an advisor to Cameron


    he is not fit to be an advisor to the Queen.

    Frank Barlow

  2. That's an interesting point Frank.

    I wonder what the criteria for removing privy council status from someone is.

  3. I don't think Mr MacKay had the backing of his party tonight at the public meeting...even thought approx 40% present were conservative supporters, even some of his staunch supporter were saying TIME FOR HIM TO LEAVE... he is not/ does not want to listen.