Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bracknell’s MP Andrew MacKay resigned today parliamentary adviser to David Cameron

It is a shame that the publics trust in our MPs has progressed to this low point, that MPs are now having to resign there roles within the parties because they have made ‘mistakes’.

I’m not sure how my MP Andrew Mackay could not of seen the wrong in claiming for a second home allowance while married to Tory MP for Bromsgrove, Julie Kirkbride who also claimed for a second home. However he didn’t appear to understand the wrong in this (See the Bracknell Standard article link here). I’m also not sure why it has taken the Tories so long to act, after all the Daily Mail reported this in April here. Lib Dem PPC for Bracknell Ray Earwicker also commented on this in April here.

Full details of the 2nd home claims can be found here.

Sometime next week Andrew Mackay will have a public meeting in Bracknell which while being brave to face the music, I believe it would be better to hold a by-election which I for one will be calling for. When the date is know we will publish it on this blog.

Local Blogger and fellow Andrew Mackay constituent, Mark Reckons also post his views at

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