Saturday, 30 May 2009

Andrew Mackay MP has a golden parachute

It has been reported here that Andrew Mackay MP will be paid a golden good-bye of £64,766 and his wife Julie Kirkbride a payment of £32,383. I am concerned that this news is likely to cause more anger directed at the couple.

After Mr Mackay’s statement that he will not stand at the next general election, he has received more support from his constituents as reflected in a poll on Bracknell Standard website. The question is asked: “How do you feel about Andrew MacKay's announcement to stand down as Bracknell MP at the next general election?”. A total of 51 % agreed with the following statement “Very sad, he is a very good MP and does not deserve this”. I feel this is a reflection on the work Andrew Mackay has done for Bracknell over his 26 years as MP and the relationship he has built over this time.

The fact that the golden good-bye can be paid could make it less likely for any MP to resign. A payment is only made when an MP loses their seat at a general election and not when they resign their seat for a by-election. This would make calling a by-election even braver.

MPs can vote to expel another MP if they are judged to have acted "dishonourably" but this would be unprecedented with the number of MPs who have already stated that they will stand down. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg recently said: "I can see no reason why an MP who is sacked or decides to stand down should be rewarded with a big, tax-free, lump sum payment." Can and will this be changed in time? We shall see!

Andrew Mackay and Julie Kirkbride feel that they have been a part of a media witch hunt. There was huge media pressure on Julie Kirkbride but in Andrew Mackays case it would seem to me that his constituents meeting was where he felt the most pressure. The media have been provided the fuel, all due to the allowances and arrangements made by the couple.


  1. Witch hunt or not he should go now

  2. Great rip of the country ,milk the system for all its worth and get a gold handshake and this from an MP who doesnt even hold surgeries.

  3. Anonymous - I am interested to know what evidence there is that Andrew MacKay does not hold surgeries. Could you let us know in the comments on here?