Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fix the Eyesore in the Middle of Bracknell Town

Since 3M moved out of the 3M building (Winchester House) in 2004 it has stood empty. This derelict building has progressively got to look worse and worse. It is not a great advert for Bracknell as it can be seen from all approaches into the town centre. Kid’s break-in, throw objects from the windows and there was a very dangerous fire to boot. These break-ins are even documented on web sites like ‘abandoned but not forgotten’ which post pictures from inside and views from on top of the 3M tower.

There has now been plenty of time to sort this building out. Design plans have been explored by the Council and Bracknell Regeneration Partnership for the redevelopment of this eyesore but nothing has been agreed. There would still be a long way to go on this even if agreement is made, as planning applications would have to be made and other consultations once a plan is decided on.

One sticking point would of been moving the Bracknell Town market, but could this not be setup in the town, near say the old Woolworths on a temporary bases. This could have made that part of town more vibrant and helped out the shops and the market.

I also understand that at the moment there is a pair of peregrine falcons nesting which has halted a planned cleanup ordered by the council which would have also made the building more secure. However if this was ordered sooner then the peregrine falcons may not of moved into the building and would not be holding up this work. We would still have an empty building in the middle of town but it would not look like an advertisement for vandalism and would improve Bracknell imagine.

It is really time to get moving on this project which is another demonstration of how slow this council is to regenerate Bracknell town.

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  1. Absoutely agree its apallling and sticks up like a sore thumb .
    Its got to go the falcons can nest elsewhere and tmoving the marlet woudl be a great idea.