Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Glossy BNP EU leaflet

It is a real worry that the BNP appear to make sense in there leaflets. A few weeks ago in Bracknell town, the BNP were out in force with their stall and leaflets and looking quite professional in there suits. Their leaflet reads like a list of headlines.

Most people would naturally agree with headlines listed here;

‘Housing British People First’

As you can see here from the council meetings in Barking and Dagenham where the BNP have 12 councillors. The BNP proposed the creation of what appears to be caravans and fabricated homes to house families, which could create a Ghetto.

If an asylum seeker turns up in a council borough they are not simply given a home. That never really happens. Within Bracknell, allocations of homes are scored on a points based system. There is no mention that being an “asylum seeker” awards any points, thus putting the rest the myth that they are instantly eligible for housing.

Housing provided to asylum seekers is not part of a council housing system or waiting list. Accommodation is funded by central government not the council and most often let from private landlords. Asylum seekers have no choice about where they live.

‘More Police on the Streets’

Within the leaflet the BNP appear to be suggesting that more police can be put on the streets by ensuring that the police are not used to catch speeding motorists but would instead be directed to the beat. I’m not sure this is a basis for a policy. Surely some funding is required and surely motorist should be caught if they speed after all the number of people killed on our roads in 2007 was 2,946 by comparison the number murdered in 2006/07 was 757 (national statistics).

I do know that the BNP would introduce capital punishment, which does not work. Plenty of countries with capital punishment still have plenty of crime. It normally means criminals try harder to hide their crimes.

The best way to stop crime is to stop people becoming criminals in the first place.

‘Lower Tax for Working Families’

The Liberal Democrats would raise the level for paying income tax to £10,000, this would make work much more worth while for the low paid. BNP state that they would raise this level to £15,000 by pulling out of the EU. I imagine they do not take into account any funds that flow back into this country from the EU.

‘A Better NHS with British Nurses’

‘Paid for by Not Investing in Foreign Aid’.

Our nurses should be paid more, but not at the loss of foreign aid or good foreign nurses. Britain is an important player on the world stage and we still care (at least I hope we do), after all this is the 5th richest country in the world. I wonder how many more refugees there would be in the world if Britain did not help.

‘Protect Our Beautiful Countryside’

Of course we should however did the BNP just put this in to make them look more all encompassing on policy.

‘Help Pensioners Not Banks’

We should always support our pensioners more. I’m sure all political parties want to address the low pension we have in the UK. The Liberal Democrats idea of a citizens pension is a good example of this. Many pensioners have large savings which would have been lost if banks were allowed to collapse. The government really had no choice just like other governments of the world who are also supporting their banks.

‘Save our Jobs from Immigration’

The leaflet refers to foreign workers, well what does this mean? What is their definition of a foreigner?

Yes there are a lot of people from the EU working here. But people do not consider that there are also even more UK citizen working in the EU. Brits live all over Europe and use the services in those countries. The BBC has some interesting figures on this see here.

‘No Involvement in Foreign Wars’

Well as much as it would be great to not be fighting in any wars unfortunately you can never say never and therefore cannot claim this as a saving. Of course going into Iraq was not the right thing to do in the face of terrorism. But fighting the Taleban in Afghanistan can be justified within this context.

‘Celebrating Our British Culture’

I wish we did. I’m proud to be British myself this is a great country. We are not the only country in the world with problems.

I don’t know the facts across the UK but I imagine most Melas or other minority events as referred to in the leaflet are paid for by the community. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all raised some money ourselves for St George’s day?

The BNP are trying to change their imagine, but I for one am not fooled into believing that the BNP are the best for me (I am single white British man). Just imagine what it would be like if the BNP got in. We would effectively be excluded from the world.

How could Britain be one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council if we refused refugees? How could our international businesses operate in a county that did allow them the flexibility to move workers from a given country to here and visa versa (e.g. directors or professionals). Would other countries respond by not accepting British citizens to live and work in their country? Would all the Brits in Spain have to apply for citizenship? It may seem unimaginable but things could progress to this point and that’s not to mention all the riots and unrest that could result.

I expect the BNP will also gain votes due to the recent exposures on MP’s expenses. All the above make me very concerned that the BNP will win seats in the European elections and receive extra funding as a EU group with other far right parties, this is just a step towards the goal of BNP parliamentary seats.

If you are interested in information on Asylum Seekers in the UK then please examine these links here http://www.icar.org.uk/ and here http://www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk/asylum/


  1. Your link to the BBC site regarding 'Brits Abroad' does not have any corresponding information about foreigners working in the UK so it is not possible to verify your claim that there are more UK citizens working in the EU than vice versa.

  2. Its is hard to prove with reguards to EU citizens as they do not need visa's. However there are around 5.5 million Brit's abroad.


    There are around 4.1 million foreign citizens in the UK http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/world-news/one-in-nine-people-living-in-uk-is-foreign-born-report_100159562.html

    2.5 million of which are outside the EU which leaves around 1.6 million from the EU


    hope that helps