Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bracknell’s Beautiful Parks and the Litter!

Over the last few years I have been walking, running and cycling around and through Bracknell. One thing that has really struck me is how good the parks in Bracknell are.

Bracknell is unfortunately far from perfect but it does have new town planning to thank for the green spaces, parks and pedestrian paths and cycle ways in every estate. One of my favourite routes is along the paths between Lily Hill Park and Coral Reef. Its goes through the back of Harmans Water estate, then through Forest Park estate over a bridge (A322) then continues beside coral reef and the outlook. This path is wide and does not follow any major roads.

At one end you have Lily Hill Park, which has Bracknell Rugby club, specimen trees gathered from around the world and Lily Hill House. Lily Hill parks restoration is also a testimony to what can be done by community groups, council and lottery funding. At the other end your find the Outlook which is very popular and well worth a visit.

The only thing really spoiling the Parks is all the rubbish. How can this be changed, everywhere I run there is rubbish. Fast food from Saturday night, Cans of Special Brew, Magazines and Papers. Why do so many people just not care?

I believe this a cultural thing for some akin to getting wasted every Friday and Saturday night, this needs to change! Plenty of people do take their rubbish home, but plenty just can’t be bothered. It’s also very easy to throw rubbish from cars and litter the foliage beside the roads and paths.

So what can we do? Bracknell could follow Maidenheads example of zero tolerance on litter, introducing litter wardens who charge fines for dropping litter (£75) and their Adopt-a-Street policy that I believe could be expanded to Adopt-a-Park where residents have regular street cleans.

I will be doing more some research in this area and I will blog again on this once I have enough information to see what action can be taken.

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  1. Maybe we could ban special brew then there be less drunks and litter

  2. Ban those polosystrene boxes that every fast food outlet seems to dole out .