Thursday, 10 December 2009

Andrew Mackay’s 2nd Home Boiler and Redecoration Claim

Andrew Mackay’s MP 2008/2009 allowances/expenses have now been published, they make interesting reading.

Bracknell’s MP Andrew MacKay resigned as parliamentary adviser to David Cameron and is due to step down at the next general election. This is after the revelations that Andrew Mackay and his wife, fellow Tory MP for Bromsgrove, Julie Kirkbride (who may now stand again in an open primary).

Andrew Mackay claimed a second home allowance of £12,000 a year in mortgage interest for their joint flat near Westminster. This was while his wife used her expenses to pay off a similar loan for their family home in her Bromsgrove. This was over a period of eight years.

Click on the pictures above to view them.

Interestingly I noticed these payments for a claim of £6,000 for redecoration, made up of £3,400 for paint to stonework, cleaning railings and paint for woodwork which didn’t include scaffolding of an additional £2,600. A new boiler was also claimed for £2,600. All this on a home where the payments should have been paid back to the taxpayer.

Andrew Mackay’s MP 2008/2009 allowances/expenses can be viewed from the Parliamentary website here.


  1. Quite disgusting that many soldiers who are fighting for us in Afghanistan are having to buy their own kit to get something of a decent quality when back at home MPs like Mackay and Kirkbride have been gorging themselves at the trough of publically-funded expenses.

    Have these odious, money-grubbing MPs no shame, no integrity, no honesty, no conscience, no decency?

  2. Yep the more you think about it the more and more unfair the whole system appears to be.

  3. I think it's the sheer hypocrisy that really annoys people. Having a title with the word "honourable" in it and making public statements about having the honour to serve the public, when all the time you're robbing the public purse to serve yourself.

    Mackay and Kirkbride's case of having 2 publically funded second homes and no primary home is a clear case of fraud in my eyes. I don't undertand why they haven't been prosecuted for this... I guess the reality is that because so many MPs of all parties are tainted to some degree by expense fiddling there is no real will in parliament to do anything about it other than a few token rule changes and everyone including the worst offenders like Mackay and Kirkbride get off lightly.