Sunday, 6 December 2009

Thank You Bracknell Blog Readers

Thank you to all the Bracknell blog readers, linkers, bloggers, local PPC’s, councillor's and campaigners who have read and commented on this site.

I have been very pleased with the progress of our Bracknell Blog. It has become a hub for local issues and local comment as well as local comment on national issues.

I’m not one to publish readership figures but I do believe rankings are important because they help gain a readership see Reading List ‘Why it matters’ here.

This blog is now the 4th most popular political blog in Berkshire see here and has entered the top 100 Wikio blog ranks in November listed here. In October this blog was ranked 180 in general blog but was unfortunately it was not listed under politics on Wikio until November.

Bracknell Blog was helped by the Conservative Bracknell primary review here and the fact that the top ranked blogger Iain Dale stood in this primary in October, this helped the blog rise 380 general ranking points in October. The ranking has only fallen back by 15 points to 195 due to a continued increase in the readership trend.

So once again thank you to all of our very important readers.


  1. Always a good read Daz. Fantastic to see people "promoting" our wonderful town of Bracknell online.