Thursday, 17 December 2009

Bracknell General Election Odds

Ladbrokes have released there odds for the Bracknell Constituency General Election they are;

Conservatives 1/100
Liberal Democrats 50/1
Labour 50/1
UKIP 100/1

I think its worth a flutter.

Of course your MP may of been chosen already by a few hundred people at the Bracknell Open Primary/Caucus. The words Safe and Seat come to mind.

Other odds can be viewed here


  1. Just taken a look at Ladbrokes and the Tories are now 1/200.

    No odds for the Greens? Dreadful show Ladbrokes!!

  2. Daz's post got the Tory and UKIP odds crossed over - surely? BNP must be in with a chance if the Greens fancy themselves. Open field I'd say.