Sunday, 27 December 2009

Will Former MP's Help Their Replacements and What is Phillip Lee Doing?

I recently received a Christmas card from Dr Phillip Lee the Conservative PPC for Bracknell who is standing in place of soon to be former MP, Andrew Mackay.

This Christmas card got me thinking. What has Dr Phillip Lee been up too? and will Andrew Mackay help him get elected next year?
If Andrew Mackay MP did campaign on behalf of Phillip Lee. I guess it may not be to Phillips advantage if he did as he would want to Avoid any rub off from the expenses scandal.
Will former MP’s campaign to help their replacements?
I guess they could make a difference for those people loyal to the former MP for whatever reason. If the former MP’s not only endorse them but also persuades those constituents who the former MP helped to lend their support onto the new PPC.
What has Dr Phillip Lee been up too?

Dr Phillip Lee who was selected as Conservative PPC on Saturday 17th of October 2009 has not updated his website since he won (See here). His last blog was on the 19th October. I understand that a new website is being developed for his main campaign to be elected in Bracknell as MP. However I was surprised that there were not any updates since October. Phillip Lee of course is still a working doctor and I imagine he has a lot of organising to arrange within his work if he is to become a full time MP.

I would however like to know if Phillip has had chance to come back to Bracknell to visit perhaps the new college building or to talk to the council. Many PPC’s from all the parties write into the local papers to correspond on various issues. There is quite a lot of banter between them on the pages of the Bracknell Standard, but I have yet to see one from Dr Phillip Lee. He probably has visited sights and people in Bracknell, it would be nice to have an update. So for the moment I just wondered where Dr Phillip Lee is.

My review of the Bracknell Open Primary can be read here.

Also Dr Phillip Lee PPC was kind enough to answer some question on this blog here before he was selected.

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  1. Yet again in my home town (Sandhurst) - not a single canvasser in sight, just lots of bumph through the door. Please knock on my door and ask if you can count on my vote??!! Or maybe you just might listen for a change. I have yet to listen to one debate which would convince ne to vote Tory, as i have always done. My age and status as a single working woman nearing retirement age will as usual be ignored.