Wednesday, 23 December 2009

SNP Tactical Voting Gives More Reason for Tory PR Support

Snptacticalvoting is living up to its name with this post on Anti Tory Tactical Voting. The idea behind it is that if there are no Tories in Scotland then it would “Arguably offer up an ideal platform for the SNP to advance its arguments that Scotland should govern itself”. I agree with Jeff of Snptacticalvoting that it would.

But this does brings up a different question. Why do the Tories still not support Proportional Representation?

I don’t know if it’s because I have always lived in Tory territory in the south and now in Bracknell Berkshire. But it feels as if tactical voting is mostly directed against the Conservatives then the other parties. Tactical voting exists because we have the First Past the Post System. Under a proportional representation voting system there would be no need for it.

The Tories need a massive swing to win the next general election of an extra 117 seats. As shown in the table on the left using the swing-o-meter found at This example would result in a hung parliament (obviously this does not allow for all the local issues and variation which will be part of this election.).

If I were a Tory then I would see this as being very unfair and I would support Proportional Representation like Single Transferable Vote.

A good explanation of which is provided here by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland were STV is used for local council and Assembly elections.


  1. PR and STV results in a weak government so nothing can be achieved. Good, if you have a baseline of 'small' government. Our baseline today is a big interfering government. What is needed at this time is a strong right leaning government that can roll back the legislation imposed by NuLabour and so roll back the socialist hell hole they have put us into. The lefty centre LabLibCon politicians will not do that. Vote UKIP and we will repeal the legislation that has got the UK into the mess it is in and will relieve the stifling oppression now imposed on her citizens.

  2. Come on Dazmando,

    Many forms of PR put tactical voting at the heart of their method - the single transferable vote system is probably the most striking example. For sure it would help the Lib Dems which is probably why you would like to see it. My money, however, would be on STV doing wonders for the BNP and UKIP vote in England . . . what's your true adenda Dazmando? Introduction of real socialism into the UK under a BNP banner?

  3. The Lib Dems dont actually do that well in PR elections as we are many peoples 2nd choice but not first choice. Lib Dems are often used as a vehicle for tactical voting against Labour ot the Tories. We may not gain votes under PR. STV would still keep out the BNP and UKIP as the votes are transferred and most people 2nd party is not the BNP. Therefore they would not gain anyseats.

    I personally dont mind if UKIP gain the odd seat as many may vote for them, why not its good for democracy