Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Local Blog: The Look In Café Could Close‏

Bracknell Forest Council is proposing to cut the £60,000 annual funding for the The Look In Café in the town centre.

The Look In Café is used by Elderly people many of whom can’t afford the prices of the coffee shops in town. It is also used to hold meeting of the Alzheimer’s Society who have drop-in sessions at the café. If a cut was to be made it is believed that the council would conduct a Consultation exercise.

This will be discussed at the todays executive council meeting.

I hope a way can be found to save this Café as it is an important service for Bracknell Senior Citizens. Perhaps by reducing the spend on consultants?


  1. ... or Andrew Mackays theft would have paid for it for at least three years...

  2. I agree with info that it is tempting to point out Andrew MacKay screwed more than enough out of the tax payer to cover the cost of this valuable facility. However, his money came from all national taxpayers. We can look at those who use our council tax to pay the highest civil service salary bill in Berkshire. If this bill represented salary to the poor Jos & Joes whom we meet at the coal face, we could understand. It is, rather, the money wasted on weirdly titled overpaid non-positions that could have ensured the Look Out cafe retained funding. In addition, some of our councillors' allowances might be trimmed. Remember, in a recent survey Bracknell came out well as a good place to live. This is helped by facilities such as this cafe. However, the council itself, both higher level administration arm and elected arm, did not. Perhaps Bettison & his coterie should take a warning from that.

  3. ?Yes its also interesting how we hear so much about different MP's repayment but nothing about Andrew Mackays repayments