Thursday, 7 January 2010

MP's Should be Allowed to Make Mistakes‏

David Cameron recently admitted that he "messed up" after his blunder on Monday where he said that tax benefits for being married could not be guaranteed.

Cameron told BBC Radio 4's Today programme "The truth is I give dozens of interviews every week and on Monday I messed up, and there is no other way of putting it. I was thinking about all sorts of different things. I misdescribed our policy. I immediately corrected that".

I think this is fair enough and I for one am not going to have a go at David Cameron or any other MP who makes the odd error in their interviews. After all, we all remember Nick Clegg getting the state pension figure wrong or Gordon Brown saying that he "Saved the world".


  1. I don't think anyone minds a bit of honesty. But Cameron needs to get his act straight. Otherwise, he is just going to get trampled over by the Labour spin machine. He won't get his policies across and more to the point Labour can divert attention away from their monumental cock-ups. Gordon Brown must have had a really rubbish day yesterday, but Camerons difficulties earlier in the week must have lightened the load considerably.

  2. It's not knowing your own policy which is the issue here. Clegg does not set the pension, Cameron does set his party policy.

    But in general terms, I agree.

  3. Hmm Good point Norfolk Blogger but I can see that you know what I mean