Friday, 5 February 2010

Andrew Mackay MP for Bracknell has a Crime Registered Against Him

Goodbye Andrew Mackay have registered Andew Mackays second home payments as a crime see here.

After the news that Andrew Mackay has made a payment as per Sir Thomas Legg Report and after the news that three Labour MPs and one Tory peer will face criminal charges over their expenses.

I will follow this story closely to see if anything results from this. It will also be interesting to know if this has or is happening to any other MP's around the country?


In other news I note that Bracknell Green Party Blogger Green Gabbles has written an interesting blog on Phillip Lee Tory PPC called Phillip Lee To the Moon and Back here.

He makes some excellent points on safe seats and notes the questions I raised on Political Letters in the Press‏ and Alvin's rebuff of my blog here.


  1. Good bye Andrew Mackay, TOO JAIL!

  2. What I think is most shocking about this case is that I believe the investigation only looked at the last five years of MP expenses.

    It's anyone's guess as to what MacKay have been claiming since they were elected to be MPs, in Mackay's case he was first elected back in 1977!

  3. yep Birmingham 1977 to 1979 and then Bracknell from 1983 on the Back of the Falklands war popularity. Although Im not sure he had a Second home all that time. But yes should of be longer than 5 years and should of been more.

  4. And he still will get a 'golden handshake' when he eventually steps down.

  5. In fact according to The Times 1.8 million