Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Local Blog: The Look In Cafe Campaign Grows

I do understand that it can be hard to be in power as you have to make hard decisions that you don't like, but closing the Look In is the wrong decisions as there are other ways of finding the money. As reported on this blog here and here. It looks like the council could have a real fight on there hands.

The users of the cafe are mobilizing and are prepared to hold a march to the council offices and the petition already has 1000 names. Look In campaigners have and will be attending the council budget meetings

There are two Facebook campaigns which can be found here and here.

This will be an interesting story of people power and I for one would not want to say 'NO' to this strong group of campaigners. If the council do back down of course this could also give hope to future campaigns, lets see if they listen.


  1. The other night I walked through the Broadway, Crossway and High street on my way to the Old Manor to meet a mate for a cheap pint of real ale.
    I couldn't believe the number of Borough Council departments that have been taken over old wallpaper, woollies and fishmonger shops and festooned them with posters hoping to entice one in.
    And now there is a petition to keep one of them open. Good - at least the cafe gets more custom than the others and perhaps even generates some cash. How about saving the cafe by closing some of the other deployed BFC orifices?
    Why anyone goes into Bracknell rotten town core any more I don't know. We really need regeneration, or at least a bulldozing to make it an open space to replace the now ex- Garth Hill school playing field.

    And now ther is a pettion to keep one of them open. How about saving the cafe by closing some of the other BFC offioces in the town center.
    Why anyone goes into Bracknell town center any more I don't know.

  2. ContriteRealaler2 February 2010 at 22:00

    That last para should'nt have been repeated. Sorry.

  3. What a lot of oldie whingers.
    If they want the caf open why dont they get together and run it. This places are rent and tax free to charites.
    Young people get together and do it on there own!!! What cant these people get off there aged butts and do it??? What shuld they have huge amounts on money from the council tohave a cupof tea and tost they could bringtotoem themselves?

  4. Think Harry Pothead could do with some lessons on spelling, grammar and manners.....
    Has he seen all the publicity, all the meetings held, petition with over 1000 signatures, appearances on TV and radio and still think the 'aged butts' are inactive??

  5. I agree totally with what Sylvsmum said. As to young people getting together to do it on 'there' own, many of them rely on benefits unlike the majority of the 'oldie whingers' who have earned the old age pensions.

  6. Does anyone know whether it is true that charity shops are rent and tax free as stated above? I don't think it is.

  7. Realaler - thats a good point, I will be checking out those posters at the weekend.

    Interested - when im in town I will ask them? I would guess they may get a rates discount of 20% see http://www.bytestart.co.uk/content/news/1_12/charity-shops-small-business.shtml

    it appears they do see http://www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/business/bus-business-rates/bus-other-reliefs.htm

    btw check this out

    here here Sylvsmum 80)

  8. These people want 60,0000.00 of of the council.

    They already get persion, pension benefit, FREE bus and train pass, winter fuel paid for, council tax reduction, a xmas bonus, housing benifit. they get free busses and taxies to day centers. FREE perscrptions. FREE eye tests. Some get a FREE TV lisense. the over 50's get a HUGE discount at the sports center. these oldpeople get consiions on all sorts.
    Thes peopleget it good and now they are crying becuse the cuntry is not rich anymore.

    and what do the under 50's get?
    what to the under 25's get???????
    whosusidies there tea and toast????
    where can they hangout in a cosy place paid for by the rest of us taxpayers????

    no one does grammer of spelling anymore. not in email anyway. An yo peeple cound do with lerning manners to.

  9. I am sorry you have made this into a 'young' versus 'old' debate, which it should not be. You may be surprised to hear there are lots of young people supporting this campaign.
    A lot of the supposed benefits you mention are not paid to all over 50s, but please remember the majority of people getting a pension have paid into the system all their working lives and are just getting some of their savings back.
    Now, to the £60,00 you say we want 'of of' the council.
    This is defintely NOT true. The council have allowed the Look In to run at a loss of £60,000 pm for years when they should have been looking into WHY it has made this loss. Many people have suggested ways in which it could be run more efficiently but the council are not listening.
    We have been proactive in this. We are NOT asking the council for £60,000 - if anyone from the council would like to deny that I'd be very very surprised because it is just not true.
    As for your other comments - lets keep this at an adult level please, it is about the Look In.

  10. Oooh, I've been away for 10 days and had expected Harry Pothead to at least defend his position here. Funny how the truth can get through. We do NOT want big handouts from the council, just some help!
    I think the number of people at The March on Saturday shows that we are not all sitting on our 'aged butts' bleating "poor mee". We oldies leave that to others.......

  11. Sylvsmum you are talking thru yoor dumphole. In a nother bit of this blog they want cunsillorrs to take a wage cut and give the money to the place!!!!!
    Yoo need help from the council right!

    yoo made the attacking bit on yung peeple -yool old peeple always doo.
    yoo just dont get it doo you????

  12. English teacher (Retired)23 February 2010 at 13:28

    Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.................