Wednesday, 10 February 2010

MP Andrew Mackay gets a job

I am away on holiday but I have just picked up on this story, On Andrew Reeves Running Blog

Cameron declares war on lobbyists then top Tory Andrew Mackay MP accepts new job as a lobbyist

Please do read the link above

It appears MP Andrew Mackay, has admitted he will be joining Burson-Marsteller after considering a number of agencies when he stands down at the forthcoming general election.


  1. A lobbyist… a job that entails wining and dining and greasing the palms of bent MPs (all on expenses of course).

    The perfect job for this loathsome, slimy, dishonoured, money-grubbing individual.

  2. The man has a face like concrete.
    Does anyone know what shame is today?

  3. Rather a shot in the foot for Cameron unless hes just making it all up about lobbyists.
    A case of dishonesty is definitely the best policy
    Will they be taking his good wife her brother sister and Uncle Tom Mackay and all?