Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Tombstone Poster

Here is my poster created using

These posters can be found at

unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your view) Clifford Singer of has decided to knock it on the head. Read why at We can’t go on like this… .

It is a shame but I guess the main party bloggers or indeed the parties themselves will now be editing their opposition posters. It has been a good example of how a poster campaign can backfire (a little) in this age of the web. However the best thing about it is how funny some of these posters are. I have enjoyed reading too, which was setup by ConservativeHome.

I think the cunning plan by the Lib Dem's to not have any posters so far is working. Although I suspect if they do then maybe it would be a better idea to only put adverts in the press rather than massive billboards with big faces on them.

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  1. It is probably best overall that My david cameron have said they wont be satirising the next tory poster, knowing its had its day. Still, this hasnt stopped both parties from starting their own p-poor fake poster sites. What will be next? The posters have already been turned into a 3d game ( and other copy sites are springing up.