Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sir Nicholas 1st Class Comment Reminds me of a Story of Revenge

This latest story which has been well publicised story were Sir Nicholas Winterton has angrily denounced plans to reduce first-class travel by MPs and a Tory spokesman said Sir Nicholas's remarks were "the out-of-touch views of a soon-to-retire backbench MP". Of course continues to anger the public, many of whom travel in standard class.

But this did remind me of something that happened when I decided to get a first class ticket for a gig when travelling from my then work in Weybridge to London way back when I was in my early 20's. Remember this is back in the days of slam door trains and no ticket barrier machines.

I boarded on the train at Weybridge in first class, the only man in first class asked me if I had a first class ticket (he appear to be a city gent).

Anyway I said yes but I'm not showing you, he said he didn't believe me, so I said I don't care after all I have one and I don't need to show you. Anyway the ticket inspector came and I showed him my ticket first class, he showed his and it turned out his season ticket had just expired. he had to leave at the next stop. I could not hide my smile.

One good reason to not get a first class ticket (other than the costs) is to avoid people like Sir Nicholas who think that some of us are not up to his standard. Justice I think was served on that day.


  1. I have had the same kind of comment a number of times from the blowhards who sit in first class. I am sure some of them are very nice but i have, on more than one occassion been asked to produce a first class ticket just because i have been wearing jeans for example!

    The look on their faces when after ticket inspection the guard continues on his way having not thrown me off at the next stop, was worth the price of the upgrade alone

  2. as a 21 year old in a high paying job, but still dressing like a student in my down time, travelling over christmas hols i booked a long distance 1st class return because i knew from experience that 2nd class would be overflowing on those days before and after the hols

    on one of the connecting trains between birmingham and coventry the ticket inspector came into first class and gave be a long telling off for being in first

    he had just assumed that i would be a 2nd class ticket holder sitting in 1st cos 2nd was overflowing

    anyway i listened to his long rant and at the end took my ticket out and held it up and said nothing

    he was a prick

    nowadays i often sit in the VIP or business lounge at airports, and again often dress in jeans and T shirt, I've sat next to everyone from Mick Jagger and ministers and royalty downwards. None of the folk in these lounges are anything special, and those that start thinking they are need to get their feet back on the ground.

    so its a funny thing

    this country is also so up its own bum and so many people assume a working class accent means you have no money, you wouldnt believe the number of car salesmen who have asked me to leave their showroom little suspecting that i could buy the whole garage out of loose change

    Sir Nicolas should be stripped of his knigthhood and banned from 1st class travel even if he paid for it out of his owm money

  3. Class segregation is now so confusing.
    I suggest we all adjourn to the buffet car to have a chat and decide over a few cans of cider what is the appropriate attire and accent for one who sits in first class. We will then ban everyone else who does not meet those standards.
    Winterton is entitled to an opinion. He must be given due respect because he who is one of our elected law-makers.
    I jest.

  4. Thanks for the Stories, I think I have hit a nerve.

    Realaler, that could be real democracy at work 80)

  5. The main train that Sir Nick ( how apt ) and his MP wife take is the Gravey Train.
    Another match made in heaven for rip off the taxpayer purposes.
    Ladies if you the silly old f**t in the Buffet dont mention you are a labour supporter else you might get your bottom pinched!