Monday, 22 February 2010

I'm glad I'm not in Browns office‏

I understand that there is an argument to say that the National Bullying Helpline's Chief Executive, Christine Pratt has broken callers confidentiality to a point and this does have its own implications. However when Downing Street denies the bullying claims made by Mr Rawnsley's book (extracts here) where the head of the Civil Service had a private word with the Prime Minister over his behaviour. If you knew differently and you believe there should be consequences for bullying then I can see how Christine Pratt could be compelled to say something on the matter.

I for one do believe Christine and do not think she is using this for political reasons as she could lose her job over this if Labour get their way. I think she believes that she has to stand up to bullies.

The defence of by Gordon Brown and Lord Mandelson has not been solid. I think the defense demonstrates that there is some truth in this.

If I regularly got angry at work and threw books or papers down on the floor or keyboards through computers (see here) etc then the atmosphere would be very tense and it would be difficult to get any work done and hard to raise concerns. Also if I acted like this at work eventually I would be shown the door as people would not be able to work with me.

Quite frankly im getting tired of all these comments on Gordon Brown about whether he is on medication or bullying people, I just think it is now high time for an election. Although be warned, I think this election is going to get even nastier.

One thing is for sure I would not want to be working in Mr Browns office after these revelations have come out as this would make him angrier than ever.


  1. I think Ms Pratt has been extremely naive, in trusting whichever Tory put her up to this. There are enough other reasons to let the labour party go.

  2. Bullying at work is a terrible thing. Don't forget "Power Corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely". (see Google for more info on the saying).
    From what I have see of Gordon Brown (even his initials are GB!) I can believe that bullying goes on. Too much power? Too much control over the minions who work for him?

  3. This Pratt woman seems completely discredited now.

    1. Seeking publicity for her charity at the expense of client confidentially.
    2. All her charity's patrons have left the sinking ship.
    3. Her charity is a front for her husband's business.
    4. Being investigated by the Charities Commision.
    5. Bit of a bully herself.

    I'm betting she's regretting her wonderful idea of getting herself some free publicity off the back of the Brown's a Bully mediafest...

  4. Yes she perhaps should not of come out because this is confidential, however the problems at the PM's office are also reported by others before this happened.

    Mrs Pratt has landed herself into a pot of hot water, im sure she will regret her deciding to come out on this matter. However how much of the above is due to press from the PM's office I wonder?

  5. Murray Barter, UK Independence Party PPC27 February 2010 at 12:50

    I assume that no-one is certain of what Christine Pratt's motivations were for her speaking out, but I am hoping they were for the right reasons, namely a counter to the exposure of usual Whitehall spin on a story, rather than of substance.

    With regards to the confidentiality or otherwise of her comments, as no specific information was given, ie content nor individual concerned, this would only become relevant if the nucleus as to where it could have come from were to be so small that it would de facto incriminate someone or for suspicion to fall on a few. As only a few work at no. 10, I fear that she may be guilty of this, unwittingly or otherwise.