Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Local Blog: High Level of Bracknells Empty Shops?

After reading this report here in the Bracknell Standard that a survey by the Local Data Company claiming that Bracknell has some of the highest levels of empty shops in the country. I decided to have a look around town at the impression given by the empty units.

The survey claimed that more than 20 per cent, around 38, of 191 shops in Bracknell town centre were empty. They showed the worst figures in the Southern area. Whereas the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership (BRP) that 8.8 per cent or 17 units are empty.

I suspect that both reports are correct as a shop can be vacant while a tenant is paying a lease. However I noticed that the part of the town centre where Woolworths was also has a number of units paid in part by the council. These are a good idea I believe however they are not shops other than perhaps the Tea House.

The sooner the town is redeveloped the better because the short leases on many units in town may put off many of the bigger retailers as well as the size of some of the older units.

Below are some pictures of the empty shops in town.

As you can see I won't win any prizes for taking pictures with a BlackBerry!

Finally the unit below is now a dance studio but the picture does ask a good question. I of course know the plan is now, to develop Bracknell one stage at a time, but it is a reminder of the original ambition.


  1. There was a problem with the pictures, this has now been fixed 80)

  2. Develop Bracknell when?

  3. Great, novel way to keep town centres alive (or seemingly so). Charlies Guide are dedicated to preventing the death of the town centre using a free map - please feel free to visit our website at www.charliesguide.com