Sunday, 4 July 2010

40 percent cuts you cannot be serious

Labour appear to be jumping on every story at the moment.

I personally I don't like these cuts but I do understand that they are not going to be 40percent. This is an exercise to find out where cuts can be made and while doing this departments may find cuts they didn't realise they could make. This could give them more options. Some departs will be making say 10% cuts while others 30%.

It seems to me that Labour appear to oppose every cut. However they claimed to of made plans for billions of cuts. Surely some of these cuts would of been simular to the current governments.

SmithNN8 Tweeted to me yesterday that 'Borrowing is just deferred taxation'. Thats just it, how long can you go on before the interest rates become too high or recovery is not as strong as hoped. How long can you wait until you make the cuts and if you wait too long could cuts be worse or tax higher?

I think Labour needs to improve its opposition so that it does not oppose everything otherwise voters won't take them seriously.

Todays link is to the Jack of Kent Blog who asks questions about the image of skepticism 

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